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Welcome to Shifting Winds.  This is a new venture for me and I am excited to share it with everyone.  A lot of you know me from where I began my practice in Augusta, Maine.  Many came to me for readings, holistic coaching, energy healing, classes and workshops at Shakti Om Spiritual Center.  When I moved to Ocala, Florida for the winters, those that did not want to wait for my summer visit, received my services by phone and Skype.

This new website will provide a great way for clients to see my schedule, find classes and workshops, know when I am in Maine and Florida, as well as some fun stories and insights along the way.  I am even going to try my hand at some Blogging and Videos.

Please take a few minutes, check out the website and see what I am offering.  I look forward to connecting with you in person, by Skype, phone or email.



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