8 Limbs Healing Arts Shala

8 Limbs Healing Arts Shala is a work in progress.  The goal is to eventually have a location that is much larger than we have now, so we can expand our services and other offerings by inviting other practitioners to work with us.

The idea of 8 Limbs Healing Arts Shala was created through a collaboration between Rev. ChandraMa Hanoian and Grace Beck, LMT.  8 Limbs is a dream that they both have had for a very long time.  When they met a few years ago, they knew that they would be partnering and creating a place where folks could come to learn, practice and receive energy healing, individually and/or in groups for his/her highest and best good.  It is a sacred space that people feel relaxed and at ease in.  ChandraMa and Grace are both well-trained , experienced teachers, energy healers and practitioners who offer a variety of classes, workshops and healing modalities.  They are loving, kind, compassionate and have deep passion for the services they provide.

The name “8 Limbs Healing Arts Shala” comes from Grace and ChandraMa’s experience with Yoga and Ayurveda.  Both are certified, experienced Yoga Instructors, as well as Ayurveda practitioners.

8 Limbs Healing Arts Shala will offer a myriad of classes and workshops in a variety of topics i.e. Yoga, Ayurveda, Energy Healing Modalities, Metaphysics and Holistic Coaching and Guidance.

We will keep you posted on how 8 Limbs is progressing and when the time comes for it to open.