Simply put, ChandraMa is a gifted Mystic, Teacher and Healer.  Since she was a small child, ChandraMa has had the ability to communicate with Spirit and those who have crossed over to the Other Side.  As ChandraMa grew up it became more and more evident that Spirit sought her out, bringing her amazing messages and experiences that helped her develop her gifts in ways that were practical and acceptable to her, her family, friends and others.  Throughout her life, people have looked to ChandraMa for advice, answers to their problems, and they seem to find comfort in her words and actions.

ChandraMa has been on her spiritual path her whole life but was truly awakened when she met her first living and formal Spiritual Teacher, a Guru named Bhagavan.  He introduced her to meditation, yoga, Self-realized Master Sri Ramana Maharshi and gifted her with the name of ChandraMa.  ChandraMa means Moon Mother.  Bhagavan taught her to seek the truth, live simply with love and compassion, ask questions, continue to learn and share what she has learned and experienced with others so that they too can move forward on their spiritual path.

Those who seek ChandraMa out for readings and holistic coaching, find that she is practical, loving, compassionate and has a innate understanding of where each person is on his/her path.  She is highly accurate with her messages and information so that those seeking advice and a connection with loved ones who have crossed over, find validation and comfort.

ChandraMa is an experienced teacher who offers readings, a variety of classes and other services, at Shifting Winds, in Ocala, Florida.  Her teaching style is one of love, compassion and understanding.  She supports and treasures each one of her students and imbues them with knowledge and information in a way that allows individuals to awaken and grow spiritually at his or her own pace.  She encourages questions and welcomes new ideas with an open heart and mind.  Her understanding and love of people and Spirit make her classes a joyful and wonderful experience for beginners and experts alike.

Ocala, Florida is ChandraMa’s winter home.  She is fortunate to spend summers in Augusta, Maine, where she was born and raised.  While in Maine she continues to offer readings and other services from the Tiny House.   She lives with her husband, Jim and  their adorable little dog, Jasper.  ChandraMa has two grown children and 3 grandchildren.