More Than Yoga Yoga  —  This class is for beginners and experienced students.  It offers Yoga postures, breath-work, meditation and discussion regarding the spiritual side of Yoga.

Spiritual Yoga — Learn about Pantanjali’s Sutras, the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the Yamas and Niyamas and much, much more.


Ayurveda for a Healthy Weight — An eight week series that teaches how Ayurveda can help individuals understand his/her body in a way to lose unwanted pounds and retain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Private Ayurveda Diet and Nutrition Coaching  — By appointment only.  Learn what your Ayurvedic constitution is and how to regain your health with diet and nutrition.


Beginning Shamanic Journeying — a 4 week series to learn how to Journey.  Students will be taught to travel to the Lower World, Upper World, and Middle World as well as how to retrieve a Power Animal.

Intermediate and Advanced Shamanism — Students will learn more about journeying, its purpose, and build on their practice.  You must take Beginning Shamanic Journeying before taking this class.


Spiritual Development 101 — Many aspects of Metaphysics will be taught using the learn, discuss and practice method.  Participants will be taught how to ground and work with energy, work with breath, meet their Spirit Guide, practice psychometry, learn to read objects and pictures, billet readings,  read each other, how to use a pendulum and hands on energy healing.  Other topics not listed here may be included.

Spiritual Development 102 — This class will teach more intermediate and advanced topics and go deeper into what students have already learned in Spiritual Development 101, such as:  Rock readings, scrying, automatic writing, talking boards, spirit drwaing, Angels, Fairies, Animal Communication, dreams, symbols, metaphysical tools, and table tipping.  Other topics not listed here may be included.  You must complete Spiritual Development 101 to take this class.

Tarot Cards: 

Beginning Tarot Cards — This is a 6 week comprehensive class, teaching students how to read Tarot Cards for divination purposes.  Participants will learn the history of Tarot, what each card stands for and how to do simple spreads.  Everyone will practice reading the cards for another person.

Intermediate Tarot Cards — This is a 6 week comprehensive class that teaches students to practice using spreads and doing Tarot Card readings.  Beginning Tarot Cards class must be taken before going on to Intermediate Tarot Cards.


Please check out the Calendar for dates and sign up for the newsletter for announcements and more information regarding these classes and other offerings.