Since I was a small child, I have had the ability to communicate with Spirit and those that have crossed over.  I have worked closely with several experienced Mediums and have taken many classes and workshops to enhance and develop my gifts.  My education in this area is ongoing as I continue to deepen my understanding and practice.

In my first professional life, I worked as a paralegal with several attorneys for over 25 years utilizing my gifts in many ways when interviewing clients and witnesses, assisting with jury selection and the trial process.  I then worked several years with an agency supporting the developmentally disabled assisting however and wherever I was needed.  Utilizing my gifts to help others has been the main thrust and purpose of my life.  All these years of working, experiencing life and helping others actually prepared me for my second professional life as a Psychic Medium, Mystic, Spiritual Teacher and Healer.  A life that is truly a gift and a blessing.

The folks that come to me for readings and/or Holistic Coaching and Guidance, find me to be accurate, loving, kind and compassionate.  I have a great love of people and a desire to help them in a way that is in their best and highest good.

I offer private readings at Shifting Winds, in Ocala, Florida.  During summer months, I work out of my “Tiny House” in Augusta, Maine.  Group readings are available too.

Those who receive readings and/or Holistic Coaching and Guidance by telephone or Skype find that is is a great alternative when one cannot travel to me in person.  I have been doing my work by telephone and Skype for many years.