Shifting Winds

Shifting Winds is the new name of my sacred space.  It is in a great location that is easy to get to (Jasmine Plaza off of Route 200).  The space itself is peaceful, relaxing and roomy enough for small groups.  I will be teaching classes and workshops, doing readings, holistic coaching, drumming circles, energy healing and other types of offerings.  See the calendar for dates and times.

I chose the name “Shifting Winds” because it captures the energies that we are all living with during these transitioning times.  Change is the one thing we can count on in life, whether we want it or not.  When the winds shift they transform the energies around us.  The air may turn cooler or warmer depending upon the weather.  The wind, oftentimes brings a feeling of freedom and movement.  It may encourage us to venture outside to be with nature.  It can change the way the air smells and feels on our skin.  The wind might even lift our mood up and bring a sense of contentment and peace.  Sometimes it brings dark clouds and rain to us.  No matter what the shifting winds bring, it is something different that changes our feelings, perceptions and energies.

Because we are living through a transition from the Dark Ages to the Golden Ages, we are experiencing shifting energies that bring with them changes that we may or may not be ready to embrace.  Some of these differences cause fear and worry within us, while others may give rise to feelings of impending doom.  It is the “not knowing” what is going to happen that creates these negative feelings.  By learning how to embrace these transitory energies and how to work with them will help us to let go of the negative and welcome the positive.  The goal of Shifting Winds is to provide these teachings, a place that is safe to learn, to be guided and to seek healing.

Shifting Winds welcomes all to experience learning and healing in a loving, compassionate and non-judging way.