Yoga is where I really began the journey on my spiritual path.  I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Yoga through a yoga school (Hridaya) that practiced non-judgment, love, compassion and a strong desire for the traditional and spiritual ways of Yoga.  Through these amazing instructors, I learned not only Yoga postures but about spiritual devotion, music, meditation, mantras, yogic sacred texts, and Ayurveda.  This group provided a safe environment for me to learn about myself, love and accept my body as it is and to realize that physical limitations are not limitations at all but are opportunities to get to know your body and yourself better and work on improving all aspects of your life.

In 2002, I received my certification as a Yoga Teacher from Hridaya Yoga School in Hallowell, Maine.

Since becoming certified, I have been teaching Yoga regularly.  What bugged me most about many Yoga classes that are available today, is they focus on the postures, the exercise that they provide rather than the spiritual aspects and practice of Yoga.  A lot of those classes are uncomfortable for people that are overweight, or don’t think they are flexible enough, and don’t want to feel judged by the thinner, younger individuals dressed in spandex.  So, I created a class called “More than Yoga, Yoga,” for those folks that want a learning environment that is comfortable, non-judging and where the teacher meets the student at his/her fitness level.  I have been teaching this class for many years.  It has had other names, such as “Gentle Yoga,” “Yoga 101,” “Yoga Plus,” and of course, my current and favorite “More than Yoga, Yoga.”

I invite you to come to a class.  It is fun, with lots of laughter, discussion about many yoga topics, meditation, breath-work and love.